Product feed

You can get our product feed integrated into your booking system. This way your clients have access to our inventory on your trusted environment. When using the product feed you will have complete freedom over your profit margin.


  • Import easily our products to your website
  • Automated price and inventory updates
  • Choose your own mark up!

What is the product feed?

The product feed is a file that contains a full list of every event we can offer with the most important product attributes. It easy to implement and can even be connected your existing website. Once correctly connected to your website, our inventory (with your profit margin included) basically becomes a part of the products your are selling on your website. This makes the product feed a perfect option for partners that already own a booking system who would like to add our inventory to theirs.

How does the product feed work?

Let's say that one of your clients is visiting your website who's looking for 2 longside tickets to Arsenal vs Manchester City. Tickets which, for example, are available for partners of Events Travel for €250,- per person. You, our partner, have implemented our product feed and set a profit margin of 10%. When your client finds these tickets on your website he will see a price of €275,- per person. After you client has purchased these tickets with you the order will be visible in you booking system like any other order from your website. Since the product feed is a one-way communication system you will still have to book these tickets with us using our online portal. After your order you will have to provide us the delivery information for this order and we will make sure the tickets will be delivered to your client/your clients hotel under our 'white label services.'

Depending on your partner status you will either have to pay for your order directly, receive an invoice for your order, or the order will be added to your monthly invoice.

Interested in a product feed for your website?

If you want to add our product feed to your website all you need to do is sign up using the contact form on the bottom of the page and we will get in touch!

Thank you so much for all of the help on Wimbledon and the World Cup in Brazil! You guys are the best! Jeremiah Lon
My clients are back and they had the most wonderful time. They loved the tennis and thank you for the service! Thanks again! Jonathan Aaron
You guys rock getting this party of 6 all together. It is such a pleasure working with you! Kristy Jess

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